Slay Monsters.

Collect loot.

Do it Quickly.

Oh…and DON’T DIE! 

Get Ready To Rustle

Multiple Roads To Victory

Dungeon Rustlers Screenshot
Choose Your Hero

With multiple character classes, each run through the dungeons will present unique challenges.


Purchase power-up abilities, including minions, to become more powerful!

Sweet Loot

Collect gems to increase your score multiplier and gold to purchase power-ups.

Global Leaderboard

Compete for best time or best score for each level and overall start-to-finish.

Your Foes Await

Steam Early Access

We need your help!

By releasing the game before it’s complete on Steam’s Early Access platform, you can contribute to the development of the final version. To stay “thanks”, we’re offering all Early Access purchasers a discounted price on the final version of Dungeon Rustlers.

Steam Early Access

The Original Rustlers

Built By Retro Fans

For Retro Fans

Everyone on the Dungeon Rustlers team is a big fan of retro gaming. Heck, when we were growing up, it wasn’t retro…it was just gaming!

Rustler Hangouts



Become A Dungeon Rustler